Aboa Tech Talks

The universities in Turku launched a joint webinar series focusing on technology and sustainable development. Aboa Tech Talks highlights new technologies and innovative technological research that can offer solutions to the complex global challenges of our time.

AboaTechTalks working group:

Åbo Akademi University
Prof. Johan Bobacka
email: johan.bobacka@abo.fi

Novia UAS
Johanna Salokannel
email: johanna.salokannel@novia.fi

University of Turku
Prof. Yagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne
email: allahve@utu.fi

Turku UAS
Prof. Anne Norström
email: anne.norstrom@turkuamk.fi

Turku Science Park Oy
Olof Malmström
email: olof.malmstrom@turkubusinessregion.com