Information technology is changing the future. Machines will become intelligent and algorithms will help us in decision-making. Masters of Science in Information and Communication Technology graduated from the University of Turku are strong experts of information technology who are placed broadly in management and expert positions in different lines of business.

Biotechnology is a discipline that unites nature and technology, covering applications from health care to industrial solutions. The expertise of Masters of Biotechnology is needed in medicine, food development, analytics, and the development of environmentally sound technologies.

The Master of Materials Engineering programme focuses on the mechanical, electric and thermic properties of materials and their industrial applications. The Materials studies in Energy Technology look into the systems and materials for the production and storage of energy. It is also possible to specialise e.g. in health care technology applications.

The studies in machine technology combine information technology with machine technology and allow the students to specialise e.g. in digital manufacturing, product design or intelligent systems.

You can apply for all these study places in the joint application with just one entrance exam. The entry criteria are the same in all universities.

Joint application for Master of Science training (in Finnish)

University of Turku

  • Biotekniikan diplomi-insinööri (Master of Science in Biotechnology)
  • Konetekniikan diplomi-insinööri (Master of Science in Machine Technology)
  • Materiaalitekniikan diplomi-insinööri (Master of Science in Materials Engineering)
  • Tieto- ja viestintätekniikan diplomi-insinööri (Master of Science in Information and Communication Technology)

Study at the University of Turku

Studies in Technology (in Finnish)