Would you like to design something big in your life, such as ships? Or could you find a career in robotics, health care technology or game industry? As a Bachelor of Engineering in Energy and Environmental Technology you could contribute to the solving of complicated energy questions and means for the management of climate change.

Turku University of Applied Sciences offers a broad selection of education in the field of technology. The range of education covers building and machine technology, ICT, chemical industry and vehicles. The traditional construction industry is also going digital, so experts with multiple skills are needed in many field of technology. You can combine the offering of different programmes according to your interests.

Turku University of Applied Sciences

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications Technology
  • Master of Engineering, Industrial Quality Management
  • Insinööri (AMK), ajoneuvo- ja kuljetustekniikka  (Bachelor of Engineering, Automotive and Transportation Engineering)
  • Insinööri (AMK), bio- ja kemiantekniikka  (Bachelor of Engineering, Bio and Chemical Engineering)
  • Insinööri (AMK), energia- ja ympäristötekniikka  (Bachelor of Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering)
  • Insinööri (AMK), konetekniikka  (Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Insinööri (AMK), myynti-insinööri  (Bachelor of Engineering, Professional Sales)
  • Insinööri (AMK), rakennus- ja yhdyskuntatekniikka  (Bachelor of Engineering, Civil and Community Engineering)
  • Insinööri (AMK), tieto- ja viestintätekniikka  (Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications Technology)
  • Insinööri (AMK), tuotantotalous  (Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering)
  • Rakennusmestari (AMK)  (Bachelor of Engineering, Construction Management)
  • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), hajautettu energiatuotanto  (Master of Engineering, Decentralised Energy Production)
  • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), kemiantekniikka ja bioteknologia  (Master of Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)
  • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), kone- ja meritekniikka  (Master of Engineering, Machine and Maritime Technology)
  • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), ohjelmistotekniikka ja ICT  (Master of Engineering, Software Technology and ICT)
  • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), rakentaminen  (Master of Engineering, Construction)
  • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), teknologiaosaamisen johtaminen  (Master of Engineering, Technological Competence Management)
  • Insinööri (ylempi AMK), terveysteknologia  (Master of Engineering, Health Technology)

Engineering degrees at Turku University of Applied Sciences (in Finnish)