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1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer when you open a website. Cookies are saved with the files used by the browser.

More information on cookies at Viestintä

2. Why are cookies used?

Cookies identify your computer when you return to a website. They also remember the choices you have made earlier on the site and thus improve the user experience. By using cookies it is possible, for example, to identify the user’s device and adapt any advertising on the site and in any other services.

3. What cookies are used?

Some cookies are necessary for the technical functioning and use of our website. These cookies do not collect any data on the user that could be used in marketing or to remember the sites chosen by the user.

Our cookies that measure performance collect data on how the users use our website (e.g. most visited pages, any error messages). These cookies do not collect any identifiable data on the users but are anonymous and are only used to enhance the functioning of the website.

The plug-in services of third parties on the website (e.g. advertisements, YouTube videos, Google statistics or Facebook plug-ins) may save data used for identifying the user, which we unfortunately cannot affect. If you wish to prevent them from tracking your online movements, you can switch off third party cookies in your browser’s settings. You will find the directions in the help section of your browser.

There may also be buttons on our website that make it easier to share content to different online communication environments and social media. If you use these buttons, the service you use may save a cookie on your device. Those cookies are not under our control. You will find more information about the cookie use of third parties from the website of the party in question.

4. Management and prevention of cookies

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change the settings of your internet browser so that you will receive a message whenever a cookie is about to be sent to your computer. Alternatively you can prevent the use of cookies altogether. The use of cookies can be limited or prevented through the internet browser (see the help section of your browser for directions).

If you prevent the saving of cookies or disable them, some features of our website may not necessarily work right.